Wild Flower Meadows

Wild Flower Meadows

Creating a meadow

So alluring, few can fail to find wild flower meadows attractive in the height of summer. They look so deceptively simple but having been creating them for nearly 15 years, there are many challenges that need first to be addressed for you simply cannot just caste some seed and hope. Here are a few questions that need to be asked before you begin:

What type of meadow do you want?

A traditional English Hay Meadow, or a contemporary one as used so successfully during the 2012 Olympics?

And the plants?

Should this be a one off annual scheme or a perennial scheme?

What will thrive in your location, soil and aspect?

After all there is no point in trying to get established yarrow and wild carrot in the semi shade of a woodland.

What naturally does well in your area?

Looking at the local flora and fauna will help give us clues as to what will succeed.

And how should the meadow be established?

Wild flower seed is cheapest but least predictable. Plugs can create a more controlled effect whilst wild flower turf can be an instant makeover.

Anything to avoid?

Over fertile soil, docks, nettles, thistles and couch can wreck a meadow during its crucial early days. And personally I avoid Oxe Eye Daisies for, whilst they will certainly flower in year one, they will also overwhelm everything else. Frankly they will arrive in most situations on their own in any event.

Meadows are so appealing but they cannot be created overnight. Perhaps that’s why we have enjoyed so much success with them in the past, for we are always striving to provide a long term relationship so that we very much hold the clients hand as the meadow develops.

For more information on how we can help, do please call me on 07973 261852 or drop me an email.

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