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GDC Charitable Work

Garden Re-Leaf Day 2021 As you may know I sit of the Board of Greenfingers ( who raise funds to design and create gardens at ...
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Bottle your garden forever

We are very proud of the fact that we don’t do ‘ordinary’. So finding other like-minded artisans is always a joy, especially when their skill ...
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Spring bulbs - crocus

The Wonder of Spring Bulbs

No one can resist the allure of spring bulbs for they really signal that winter is over and the days are getting longer. However planting ...
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Wild Garlic

What to do in the garden now

Planning and thinking ahead As Winter approaches, you may think we will be slowing down – but no such luck! Most of our projects are ...
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The longest Project?

Introduced to the Chiltern estate project in 2009, some may say we never want to leave, for we are still working on creating this garden, ...
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Spring on fire?

At last Spring seems with us despite the false dawns after a mild but very wet winter. So it was good to finish the cutting ...
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bali accredited

We are thrilled to announce that The Garden Design Co Ltd is now one of a select group of companies accredited by the British Association of Landscape Industries.