b'Mates RatesHaving moved to a new build, on sandy soil in the New Forest, itwas not long before my sister-in-law was calling in a favour.The lawn in the front garden was struggling and thehideous hebe hedge sulking. Frankly whilst the house was wellbuilt, the builders should never have been allowed loose outside.Given that lawns sustain little interest, and have virtually zerowildlife benefit, I designed an attractive and low maintenancescheme, that will flower from spring to November. A meanderingcompacted path entices the grandchildren to run rings around thegarden, and crucially their grandparents!As work began I was pleased we had taken our digger, as we soondiscovered why the lawn and hedge were not thriving and wherethe builders had hidden all their rubble. Two skips later and thegarden was transformed, proof that we can do small!Nestled in the centre of Marlow andsurrounded by suburbia, the garden isnevertheless an oasis, and with a few ofthe plantings thinned and replaced, theresult was stunning. It has given theowners much pleasure, and is yetanother place where tea and cake isonly a doorbell away.Before AfterA day in the gardenEight guests joined us in my own cut flower garden, After lunch, made withJune for a splendid Day in while Mark Lord offered us produce from my garden,the Garden, experiencing simple tips on how to and prepared by the awardfloristry, garden improve our garden winning Goring Grocer, itphotography, truffle photography. was time to get up closemaking, and bee keeping. and personal with myTo top it off our very own bees.Award winning flower chocolatier and ingrower, florist and house garden designer Jess A simple day,author, Rachel Siegfried Sarson, made highlighting thatfrom Green and Gorgeous some mouth experiences andflowers, demonstrated watering chocolate truffles friendships mean so muchhow to create seasonal decorated with flowers more than just stuff; ithand ties in the setting of from the garden. was a great success.Ref: greenandgorgeousflowers.co.uk | marklordphotography.co.uk | goringgrocer.co.uk'