b'greenfingers all over chelseaAs trustee of the charity Greenfingers, I was thrilled to Multi-level, yet wheelchair friendly with ramps and abe involved with their first ever garden at Chelsea lift, it included a stunning wall of water incorporatingFlower Show, as the charity celebrated its 20 th year. the charitys handprint logo and a lemon meringuepallet of colour.Designed and built by Kate Gould (picturedabove), my expectation was that my Finally, after Her Majesty the Queen andinvolvement would be limited to drinking Princess Beatrice had admired the garden, wechampagne in the finished garden. Hence, I were all thrilled for the garden to be awardedwas totally shocked to be invited by Kate to a Silver Gilt.help plant up the garden, with my planting Crucially, it will help increase awareness ofand maintenance expert Ellie. the charitys work of creating gardens inThree exhausting 14-hour days followed, as we sorted, hospitals for children with life limiting illnesses.pruned, fed, watered, and planted up the garden. Never Furthermore the garden and its legacy will live on, forhave I witnessed a team work so industriously, without elements were later relocated to Richard House, aa cross word and with such total commitment, helped garden created by the charity in East London, and theno doubt by an endless stream of cakes donated by well newly launched Choisya Greenfingers will result inwishers. royalties for years to come.Ref: greenfingerscharity.org.uk | kategouldgardens.com | richardhouse.org.uk'