b'five year reviewthe problemThe owners of this eco home had the garden built some fiveyears ago by another company. However, the wind thatwhistled around the property meant that even in the southfacing rear garden, sitting out was always a challenge.the solutionBespoke sweet chestnut gates and screens from Alex Brookswere used to filter the wind, and the beds significantly extendedwith robust plantings that would tolerate a clay and flint soil.the resultThe terrace can now be enjoyed without a woolly jumper,whilst the enhanced plantings have helped anchor the propertyinto the landscape. A brilliant example of a review leading to anenhanced landscape rather than a whole-scale transformation.Ref: gardendesignco.co.uk/portfolio/five-year-reviewand alexbrooksfurniture.co.uk and after 20 years?Right from the start, when TheGarden Design Company was bornin 1996, I always wanted to enjoy mywork, and with it create not justgardens but also relationships. Assuch I was thrilled to be invited backto one of our earliest creations.one i did earlierBorn and bred on BBC Blue Peter inthe 1960s, I was delighted to beasked to create one of our infamousEco Bug hotels in their Garden.Located in the grounds of the mediacentre, Trafford, rain was inevitablebut the hotel still took pride of placein a live broadcast. However, itscomforting to know that lots of bugswill have found a warm home forthe winter, only a mile or so fromManchester City Centre!'