b'all in the name of researchBefore Tagged ArrivalDespite many years of experience in sourcing andplanting trees, we still know when its time to admitthat a new project requires something extra.Hence this ambitious scheme included thetransformation of a neglected estate garden andtennis court, the scale of which called for somesignificant topiary to create instant impact. With atrip to Belgium in March with designer Jo AldersonPhillips, and a client who had seen ourcollaborative work featured in Homes andGardens.After leaving 13 trees tagged and reserved, eachweighing 2.5 tonnes, they duly arrived inSeptember, once the heat of the long summer of2019 had started to wane.Although only just complete, the before and afterpictures are barely recognisablethe next growingseason is much anticipated to properly appreciatethis transformation.Planted Ref: joannealderson.comtulips from amsterdamIn April Jess and I wereprivileged to be offered apersonal 48 hour tour of thewholesale bulb fields inHolland, where newcultivars are beingdeveloped and trialled,each one taking 20 years toperfect.Our last day was spent atthe stunning Keukenoffdisplay - frankly onlypictures can really describewhat we witnessed.'