iii) Bulbs Wild flowers also come as bulbs e.g. Fritillarias and Bluebells. The former are best bought wholesale and planted in the Autumn, albeit pots can be bought ready grown in the Spring, but tend to be squirrel food then. Conversely, Bluebells and Snowdrops are best bought in January-February, in the green, from commercial growers. Plant early and they will flower that season, dramatically extending the season of interest, for bulbs are often overlooked when meadows are created. Other non-native bulbs, e.g. Camassias, can complement the meadow, again extending the season of interest. W IL D FLO W ER MEADOWS : Appearances can be deceptive 7 Denzel enjoying the snowdrops & crocuses Mass planting of Narcissi Grassy slope bejewelled with Frittilaria Delicate Camassias set around an old willow tree