W IL D FLO WER MEADOWS: Appearances can be deceptive 6 4) WILDFLOWER OPTIONS i) Wild Flower Turf Although the most expensive option, the advantage is that the result is usually instant, but watering during the early days is absolutely critical. And the range of wild flowers within the turf is limited, unless you order well in advance and want more than 400m2, in which case bespoke turf can be grown. ii) Wild Flower Plugs Grown as mixtures or single species, wild flower plugs are a fabulous and cost-effective way of maximising control of what might emerge, for after all, by their nature, the plugs are growing on already and so the vagaries of germination are avoided. Generally sold in trays of 104, they can be daunting to plant, but experienced contractors can plant 400 to 500 a day. Plugs provide an excellent solution where the area is small; where an existing meadow needs beefing up; or where a particular species is to be introduced to extend the season of interest e.g. Yarrow, wild geraniums. Wild flower plugs are best planted when you would plant conventional garden plants e.g. Autumn or early Spring. Avoid planting just before or during the height of summer, or for wetland species before winter floods Planting rates: 5-7/m2 in clumps of three of the same species. Maintenance: water if no rain for the first 6 weeks. If planted in grass, cut the grass with mower as high as possible, taking off cuttings as per normal, but stop early summer. A garden meadow created with wildflower plugs.