b'W I L D F L O W E R M E A D O W S : A p p e a r a n c e s c a n b e d e c e p t i v ev i ) H o w t o S o wMix the seed with 1 part seed : 5 parts sharp sand, as sharp sand helps identify where you have sown. Divide the area and mixture up so you are seeding manageable areas at one time. It is best to broadcast by hand, in alternate directions, when the weather is calm. Seed should be rolled in with back of your feet, or garden roller, raking lightly.v i i ) A f t e r c a r eSowing seed on a prepared site is only the first stage in a process of transforming ground from bare soil to an established plant community. Sowing seed does not in itself determine the final outcome, as can be seen when the same seed mixture is sown on different sites: this frequently produces quite varied outcomes.Be prepared to monitor growth and weed out any nasties that may emerge by spot spraying or spot weeding.Regarding mowing, the aim is to mow a couple of times before the end of May, with the mower set at the highest cut level. This helps to thicken up the sward and checks any unwanted weed growth. Generally, meadows will flower 8 weeks after the last Spring cut and so timing can be quite precise if you are planning an event at which you want to display your perfectmeadow. Mow or strim again, to 100mm, and collect arisings when the meadow looks unkempt and you tire of the look, though many leave the seed heads to enjoy into winter. Micro-meadow (10m2) Knapweed11'