b'W I L D F L O W E R M E A D O W S : A p p e a r a n c e s c a n b e d e c e p t i v e Oxe Eye DaisiesIn virtually all mixtures and many meadow turf suppliers will add Oxe Eye Daisies, for they always germinate and their white flowers, with egg-yolk yellow centres, are instantly recognisable. But, they are a thug and by the end of July will have gone over and their thuggish nature will suppress the wider variety of wild flowers that most aspire to. So be bold and insist on a mixture that excludes Oxe Eye. It will almost certainly arrive by wind or be in the soil anyway, in which case germination is usually at a rate that is much more manageable and not so over bearing.v ) S o w i n g R a t e sSowingratesforwildseedmixturesaremuchlowerthan forconventionallawnandamenitygrassmixtures(2-4g/m2 compared with 25-50g/m2), as the aim is slow and gentle. Dont sow too thickly and if theres a good grass sward already, maybe just use pure wild flower seed without any grass seed element.Annual Mixtures CornflowersPoppies Pink Campion Ox-eye daisies10'